Young investigator positions

Young investigator positions at the Institute for Computational Biology of Montpellier (France)

The Institute for Computational Biology (IBC) will hire five young investigators for each of the five work-packages, typically with a PhD plus 3-year post-doc and solid experience in international research, a high level of publishing, strong communication abilities, and a taste for multidisciplinary research. Working full-time at IBC, these young researchers will play a key role in Institute life. They will actively participate in receiving foreign researchers and organizing seminars and events (schools, conferences…). They will help coordinate work within the work-packages and will be at the forefront of producing deliverables. In exchange, these young researchers will benefit from an exceptional environment thanks to the presence of numerous leading international researchers, not to mention significant autonomy for their work. Thes positions are open for up to 4 years, with a net monthly salary of 2,350 Euros/month, which is approximately 300 Euros more than a standard post-doc salary in France, and clearly enough to live in the Montpellier area.

Work-package Biological data and knowledge integration:

This project aims at the design and implementation of a data management framework for plant genomics. Addressing the problem of data and knowledge integration at a large scale, with high numbers of distributed data sources and processes, is a major challenge. The project plans to address this challenge by pursuing two complementary research directions: (1) data integration using metadata and ontologies to merge data coming from different sources, with different formats and semantics. (2) distributed workflow execution involving distributed processes and large amounts of heterogeneous data, with support of data provenance (lineage) to understand data results.
The basis for the project will be the BioSemantic ( and WebSmatch ( prototypes.

We are seeking a candidate with strong experience in distributed data management, in particular data integration, a good grasp on implementation aspects and interest for biology applications.

Key-words: data integration, (bio) ontologies, semantic web, semantic indexing, linked data, plant genomics data.

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