ICLP 2013

ICLP 2013 proceedings editors were E. Lamma and T. Swift

  • ICLP 2013 regular papers are published in the Special Issue 4-5, 2013 of TPLP.The list and the contents of the papers are available from here:https://logicprogramming.org/tplp/content/tplp-volume-13-2013/
  • ICLP 2013 Technical Communications are published as electronic appendix of the Editor’s preface of the above TPLP issue. The list of papers with direct links are the following:
    1. Paulo Shakarian, Gerardo Simari and Devon Callahan: Reasoning about Complex Networks: A Logic Programming Approach. tlp2013001.
    2. Claudia Schulz and Francesca Toni: ABA-Based Answer Set Justification.
    3. Edison Mera and Jan Wielemaker: Porting and refactoring Prolog programs: the PROSYN case study. tlp2013003.
    4. Lunjin Lu: Towards Parametrizing Logic Program Analysis: Two Examples. tlp2013004.
    5. Werner Nutt, Sergey Paramonov and Ognjen Savković: An ASP Approach to Query Completeness Reasoning. tlp2013005.
    6. Davide Ancona and Agostino Dovier: co-LP: Back to the Roots. tlp2013006.
    7. Vivek Nigam, Giselle Reis and Leonardo Lima: Checking Proof Transformations with ASP. tlp2013007.
    8. Ari Saptawijaya and Luís Moniz Pereira: Tabled Abduction in Logic Programs. tlp2013008.
    9. Vernon Asuncion, Yan Zhang, Heng Zhang and Yi Zhou: Constructive Circumscription. tlp2013009.
    10. Amira Zaki, Thom Frühwirth and Slim Abdennadher: Towards Inverse Execution of Constraint Handling Rules. tlp2013010.
    11. Alejandro Serrano, Pedro Lopez-Garcia, Francisco Bueno and Manuel Hermenegildo: Sized Type Analysis for Logic Programs. tlp2013011.
    12. Tony Ribeiro, Katsumi Inoue and Gauvain Bourgne: Combining Answer Set Programs for Adaptive and Reactive Reasoning. tlp2013012.
    13. Arne König and Torsten Schaub: Monitoring and Visualizing Answer Set Solving. tlp2013013.
    14. Viviana Mascardi and Davide Ancona: Attribute Global Types for Dynamic Checking of Protocols in Logic-based Multiagent Systems. tlp2013014.
    15. Jianmin Ji, Fangzhen Lin and Jia-Huai You: Computing Loops with at Most One External Support Rule for Basic Logic Programs with Arbitrary Constraint Atoms. tlp2013015.
    16. Lenz Belzner: Action Programming In Rewriting Logic. tlp2013016.
    17. Dimitar Shterionov, Theofrastos Mantadelis and Gerda Janssens: Pattern-Based Compaction for ProbLog Inference. tlp2013017.
    18. Michael Hanus: Adding Plural Arguments to Curry Programs. tlp2013018.
    19. Pieter Van Hertum, Joost Vennekens, Bart Bogaerts, Jo Devriendt and Marc Denecker: The effects of buying a new car: an extension of the IDP Knowledge Base System. tlp2013019.
    20. Ana Sofia Gomes and José Júlio Alferes: Extending Transaction Logic with External Actions. tlp2013020.
    21. Dalal Alrajeh, Rob Miller, Alessandra Russo and Sebastian Uchitel: Reasoning about Triggered Scenarios in Logic Programming. tlp2013021.
    22. Vinay Chaudhri, Stijn Heymans, Son Tran and Michael Wessel: Object-Oriented Knowledge Bases in Logic Programming. tlp2013022.
    23. Saadat Anwar, Chitta Baral and Katsumi Inoue: Encoding Petri Nets in Answer Set Programming for Simulation Based Reasoning. tlp2013023.
    24. Marcello Balduccini and Yuliya Lierler: Integration Schemas for Constraint Answer Set Programming: a Case Study. tlp2013024.
    25. Amir Aavani, Eugenia Ternovska and David Mitchell: Problem Solving with the Enfragmo System. tlp2013025.
    26. Said Jabbour, Lakhdar Sais and Yakoub Salhi: A Pigeon-Hole Based Encoding of Cardinality Constraints. tlp2013026.