Systems and Links

Prolog systems:

  • ALS Prolog (Applied Logic Systems Inc)
  • B Prolog  (Afany Software-Zhou)
  • CIAO Prolog (and repository of the CLIP/IMDEA group)
  • ECLiPSe Constraint Logic Programming System
  • Epilog (M. Genesereth)
  • GNU Prolog (D. Diaz)
  • SICStus Prolog (M. Carlsson)
  • Strawberry Prolog (D. Dobrev)
  • SWI Prolog (J. Wielemaker)
  • tu-Prolog (A. Omicini et al)
  • XSB Prolog (XSB Inc and others)
  • YAP Prolog (Univ do Porto)
  • WIN Prolog (LPA Ldt)

KR and Answer set programming systems:

  • DLV Disjunctive Logic Programming with Stable Model Semantics
  • Potassco (gringo, clasp, etc.)
  • Smodels (and lparse)
  • ErgoAI : an advanced system for representing and reasoning about knowledge

Extensions of logic programming:


  • Old issues (pre 2010) of the ALP Newsletters
  • ACM Transaction On Computational Logics (TOCL) is not the official journal of the association for logic programming. However, the majority of papers accepted in this journal is undoubtely of our interest. The index of the published papers, as well as the list of yet unpublished accepted papers can be read from this  official page.
  • National associations for logic programming:
    • GULP: Gruppo Ricercatori e Utenti Logic Programming (Italy)
    • APPIA: Association of Artificial Intelligence (Portugal)