An Event Calculus production rule system for reasoning in dynamic and uncertain domains
Theodore Patkos, FO.R.T.H, Greece
Dimitris Plexousakis, FO.R.T.H, Greece
Abdelghani Chibani, Val-de-Marne University, France
Yacine Amirat Val-de-Marne University, France

Action languages have emerged as an important field of Knowledge Representation for reasoning about change and causality in dynamic domains. This article presents Cerbere, a production system designed to perform online causal, temporal and epistemic reasoning based on the Event Calculus. The framework implements the declarative semantics of the underlying logic theories in a forward-chaining rule-based reasoning system, coupling the high expressiveness of its formalisms with the efficiency of rule-based systems. To illustrate its applicability, we present both the modeling of benchmark problems in the field, as well as its utilization in the challenging domain of smart spaces. A hybrid framework that combines logic-based with probabilistic reasoning has been developed, that aims to accommodate activity recognition and monitoring tasks in smart spaces.

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