ICLP 1997


ICLP ’97

The Fourteenth International Conference on Logic Programming

Leuven, Belgium, 8-12 July 1997


Sponsored by the
Association for Logic Programming

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  • ALP (The Association of Logic Programming)
  • Compulog Net
  • FWO-Vl (Fonds Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek Vlaanderen)
  • IT Masters
  • OM Partners
  • Research Community Declarative Methods in Computer Science
  • Sun Microsystems Belgium NV/SA
  • Syllogic

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Rooms are indicated with the following acronyms:
GA: Grote Aula
KA: Kleine Aula
MT.00.12: the terminal room

They are all at the following address:

Maria Theresia College
Sint-Michielsstraat 6
3000 Leuven.

Monday, July 7th

  • 19.00-21.00 Pre-registration and welcome reception

Tuesday, July 8th.

  • 8.30 Registration
  • 8.50 Welcome (GA)
  • 9.00 Session 1: Opening Session (GA)
    Chair: Veronica Dahl
    • Solving Small TSPs with Constraints
      Yves Caseau and François Laburthe
    • Taking I/O Seriously: Resolution Reconsidered for Disk
      Juliana Freire, Terrance Swift and David S. Warren
    • Disjunctive Logic Programming as Constrained Inferences
      J. You, X. Wang, L. Yuan
  • 10.30 Break
  • 11.00 Tutorials 1 and 2 (in parallel)
    • Tutorial 1: Logic Programming and Intelligent Agents (GA)
      Robert A. Kowalski
      Chair: Koichi Furukawa
    • Tutorial 2: Teaching Prolog and CLP(KA)
      Ulrich Neumerkel
      Chair: Peter Stuckey
  • 12.30 Lunch
  • 14.30 Session 2: Analysis I (GA)
    Chair: Danny De Schreye
    • Global Variables in Logic Programming
      Peter Schachte
    • A Practical Approach to Structure Reuse of Arrays in Single Assignment Languages
      Andreas Kågedal and Saumya Debray
    • Live-structure Analysis for Logic Programming Languages with Declarations
      Maurice Bruynooghe, Gerda Janssens, Andreas Kågedal
  • 16.00 Break
  • 16.30 Session 3: Parallelism (GA)
    Chair: Tony Kusalik
    • Automatic Compile-time Parallelization of Prolog Programs for Dependent And-Parallelism
      E. Pontelli, G. Gupta, F. Pulvirenti, A. Ferro
    • Implementation Mechanisms for Dependent And-Parallelism
      E. Pontelli and G. Gupta
    • Parallel Evaluation Strategies for Functional Logic Languages
      Sergio Antoy, Rachid Echahed and Michael Hanus
  • 18.15 Report on the Compulog Net Strategic Executive Council meeting(KA)

Wednesday, July 9th.

  • 9.00 Session 4: Analysis II (GA)
    Chair: Andreas Kagedal
    • Non-Failure Analysis for Logic Programs
      S. Debray, P. Lopez and M. Hermenegildo
    • Automatic Termination Analysis of Logic Programs
      N. Lindenstrauss and Y. Sagiv
    • Demand-driven and constraint-based automatic left-termination analysis for Logic Programs
      Stefaan Decorte and Danny De Schreye
    • Optimization of Logic Programs with Dynamic Scheduling
      German Puebla, Maria Garcia de la Banda, Kim Marriott and Peter Stuckey
  • 11.00 Break
  • 11.30 Invited talk by Seif Haridi (GA)
    Chair: Manuel Hermenegildo
  • 12.30 Lunch
  • 14.30 Sessions 5a and 5b (in parallel):
    Session 5a: Rewriting and Functional Programming (GA)
    Chair: Petr Stepanek
    • A Higher Order Rewriting Logic for Functional Logic Programming
      J.C. Gonzalez-Moreno, M.T. Hortala-Gonzalez, M. Rodriguez-Artalejo
    • Translating Logic Programs into Conditional Rewriting Systems
      Femke van Raamsdonk
    • Modularity in Functional-Logic Programming
      J.M. Molina and E. Pimentel
    Session 5b: Databases (KA)
    Chair: David S. Warren
    • Effective Maintenance of Recursive Views: Improvements to the DRed Algorithm
      Ismail H. Toroslu and Fahri Kocabas
    • Capturing Database Dynamics by Deferred Updates
      Carl-Alexander Wichert, Burkhard Freitag
    • Total Homeostaticity and Integrity Constraints Restorability Recognition
      Michael I. Dekhtyar, Alexander Ja. Dikovsky
  • 16.00 Poster presentations
  • 17.00 Prolog programming competition (MT.00.12)
  • 20.00 Performance of The Logic Programming Trio (GA)

Thursday, July 10th.

  • 9.00 Sessions 6a and 6b (in parallel):
    Session 6a: Visualisation/Natural Language Processing (GA)
    Chair: Mireille Ducasse
    • Assumption Grammars for Processing Natural Language
      Veronica Dahl, Paul Tarau and Renwei Li
    • Visualization of And/Or-Parallel Execution of Logic Programs
      R. Vaupel, G. Gupta, E. Pontelli
    • Oz Explorer: A Visual Constraint Programming Tool
      Christian Schulte
    Session 6b: Foundations (KA)
    Chair: James Harland
    • A Strong Correspondence between Description Logics and Open Logic Programming
      Kristof Van Belleghem, Marc Denecker, Danny De Schreye
    • Incorporating a Pruning Strategy into the Computation of Stable Models based on MGTP
      Yuka Shimajiri, Hirohisa Seki and Hidenori Itoh
    • Hybrid Probabilistic Programs
      Alex Dekhtyar, V.S. Subrahmanian
  • 10.30 Break
  • 11.00 Session 7: Constraints (GA)
    Chair: Peter Schachte
    • Constraint Search tree
      Peter Stuckey
    • A Modular Framework for the Combination of Unification and Built-In Constraints
      Farid Ajili, Claude Kirchner
  • 12.00 Break
  • 12.15 Invited talk by Michel Van Den Bossche (GA)
    Chair: Bart Demoen
  • 13.15 Lunch
  • 15.00 Tutorials 3 and 4 (in parallel)
    • Tutorial 3: WWW Programming and Computational Logic Systems(GA)
      Manuel Hermenegildo
      Chair: Paul Tarau
    • Tutorial 4: Types in Logic Programming(KA)
      Gregor Meyer
      Chair: Maurice Bruynooghe
  • 16.30 Break
  • 17.00 Panel and ALP General Meeting (KA)
  • 20.15 Banquet at the Faculty Club, Groot Begijnhof 14, Leuven

Friday, July 11th.

  • Post-conference workshops:
    (detailed schedules available for some workshops, on their home pages)
    • WS1 : Workshop on Logic-based Composition of Software: morning
    • WS2 : Tabling in Logic Programs: afternoon
    • WS3 : Eighth Workshop on Logic Programming Environments: whole day
    • WS4 : Fifth International Workshop on Deductive Databases and Logic Programming: whole day
    • WS5 : 2nd International Workshop on Logic Programming Tools for Internet Applications: whole day
    • WS6 : Logic programming and Multi Agent Systems: morning
  • LOPSTR ’97

Saturday, July 12th.

  • LOPSTR ’97


  • Calculi for Disjunctive Logic Programming
    Peter Baumgartner and Ulrich Furbach
  • Handling Side-effects with Selective Recomputation in AND/OR Parallel Execution Models
    Zhiyi Huang, Chengzheng Sun, Abdul Sattar
  • Concurrent Logic Programming and pi Calculus
    Sameer Mahajan
  • Connecting Propagators with a Concurrent Constraint Language
    Tobias Müller and Jörg Würtz
  • Reasoning on Constraints in Constraint Logic Programming
    Evelina Lamma, Michela Milano and Paola Mello
  • Tree Drawing Using Constraint Logic Programming
    Kensei Tsuchida, Yoshihiro Adachi, Takanori Imaki and Takeo Yaku
  • Supporting Partial and Complete Sets and Tuples in Deductive Databases
    Mengchi Liu
  • XSB as the Natural Habitat for General Purpose Program Analysis
    Michael Codish, Bart Demoen and Konstantinos Sagonas
  • Sharing Analysis Using Set Logic Programs
    Francisco Bueno, Michael Codish and Vitaly Lagoon
  • Domain construction for mode analysis of typed logic programs
    Jan-Georg Smaus, Patricia M. Hill, Andy M. King
  • The Complexity of Model Checking in Modal Event Calculi
    Iliano Cervesato, Massimo Franceschet and Angelo Montanari
  • Embedded Implications as a Generalization of Negation as Failure
    Vyacheslav Petukhin
  • Differential Bottom-Up Computation of the Well-Founded Semantics
    Ulrich Zukowski and Burkhard Freitag
  • Efficient Goal Directed Bottom-up Evaluation of Logic Programs
    Michael Codish

Social events

Welcome reception

In parallel with the registration on Monday night, there will be a welcome reception at the same location. Belgium produces many excellent beers as well as fine cheeses to accompany them. Together with an ample supply of bread, other drinks and goodies, a selection of these will form the ideal backdrop for meeting and greeting your friends and colleagues.

A Photo Tour Through Leuven

The host city to this ICLP conference, Leuven, is a bright historic city that can be traced back to as far as the 9th century, but whose golden age had to wait until the 15th century, when the gothic city hall was built, and more importantly, our university established (1425). And even a bit earlier, in 1366, a brewery had already been erected.

This spirit is still alive in contemporary Leuven, offering lots of beautiful buildings and plenty of pubs. It would be a waste not to explore this beautiful setting.

Our photo tour gives you the opportunity to schedule your trip yourself, have stops where, as long and as many as you like, without having to fear to get lost.

Through a series of photographs and a textual road description we guide you through the ‘must see’ parts of Leuven on a trip of approx. 4 km, which is quite feasible in just one hour, if you don’t stop for a drink too often (which may be a good alternative too, considering the rich choice of fine Belgian beers).

To add a bit of a contest, we included a number of questions that should be easy, intruiging or simply fun to solve.

You can participate whenever you want: morning, evening, night or even during some less interesting sessions (who knows?).

If you return your answers before the conference dinner, you can even win a nice prize.

Performance by the Logic Programming Chamber Music Group

The main conference room is not only suited for lectures, presentations and discussions on logic programming, but also offers an excellent setting for music events.

With their by now well-known flair, Jacques Cohen (violin), Koichi Furukawa (cello) and Alan Robinson (piano) will demonstrate the afore-mentioned fact during another concert by the famous LP-trio, featuring Lieve Bruynooghe-Rabaey (flute) as this year’s guest performer.

The event will take place on Wednesday night, starting at 8 p.m., and its programme looks as follows:

    Beethoven: Sonata, Opus 69.                            Cello, piano 
    Dvorak:    Sonatina (Allegro risoluto, Scherzo, Trio). Flute, piano.
    Telemann:  Concerto in D major (Moderato, Allegro).    Flute, piano.
    Dvorak:    Trio ("Dumky").                             Violin, cello, piano.

Conference dinner (jointly with LOPSTR’97)

Eating and drinking are among the activities for which Belgium is rightly famous. While the welcome reception already introduces you to some of its most essential nutrients, and you can devote yourself to further study during subsequent days and nights, the conference banquet will top it all off on Thursday evening.

In the exclusive setting of the fully renovated 17th century beguinage, the University owned Faculty Club will let you sample Belgian top cuisine to your heart’s (or rather stomach’s) desire. The dinner will be buffet style (in several rounds), and varied, so as to accommodate individual food preferences.

And do not forget to take some time before or even after dinner for a stroll through the beguinage, a fully pedestrian area with narrow, cobbled streets, presenting a remarkably “medieval” atmosphere within 15 minutes walking from the Leuven town centre.

Beleuvenis, Jazz and Blues on Friday night

Though it is not a social event especially organised for ICLP’97, we cannot leave it unmentioned here: As an extra, those not leaving before Saturday can enjoy the Jazz and Blues evening in this year’s edition of the Beleuvenissen. The latter are a series of (free) outdoor music happenings traditionally taking place in Leuven on July Friday nights. Preceded by a carillon concert at 7 p.m., musicians and bands will be performing on all major squares in the town centre from about 8.30 until midnight.

Post-Conference Workshops


List of workshops

The following post-conference workshops will be held at ICLP ’97:

Workshop Schedule

WS1     Friday July 11 (morning)
WS2     Friday July 11 (afternoon)
WS3     Friday July 11
WS4     Friday July 11
WS5     Friday July 11
WS6     Friday July 11 (morning)

Conference Organization

General Chair

  • Gerda Janssens
  • Bart Demoen

Program Chair

  • Lee Naish

Program Committee

  • Krzysztof Apt
  • Bart Demoen
  • Mireille Ducasse
  • Koichi Furukawa
  • James Harland
  • Manuel Hermenegildo
  • Joxan Jaffar
  • Sverker Janson
  • Gerda Janssens
  • John Lloyd
  • Michael Maher
  • Kim Marriott
  • Dale Miller
  • Lee Naish
  • Catuscia Palamidessi
  • Zoltan Somogyi
  • Harald Sondergaard
  • Philip Wadler