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From the Editor-in-Chief of TPLP

…The year 2016 will bring some changes to TPLP. First, we will switch to three-year term appointments for area editors and editorial advisors. Second, in January 2016 we will launch an on-line paper management system, with the goal to have all accepted papers published no later than 12 months after they were submitted… By Mirek Truszczynski, editor in chief of TPLP

Book Announcement: Constraint Solving and Planning with Picat

Constraint Solving and Planning with Picat By Neng-Fa Zhou Håkan Kjellerstrand, Jonathan Fruhman Abstract The book introduces a new logic-based multi-paradigm programming language that integrates logic programming, functional programming, dynamic programming with tabling, and scripting, for use in solving combinatorial…

Open panel: the future of ICLP Proceedings

Over the last few months, there has been an intense discussion within the Executive Committee of the Association for Logic Programming concerning the publication structure adopted in the International Conference for Logic Programming (ICLP) – the flagship conference of the Association. Because of the…

Before the penalties or the geometry of soccer

By Paolo Baldan (1) and Roberto Bruni (2) (1) Univ. of Padova, Department of Pure and Applied Mathematics (2) Univ. of Pisa, Computer Science Department It’s the end of the extra time of the final the European football championship. It has been…

Book Announcement

Communicated by Krzysztof Apt

Antoni Niederlinski
A Gentle Guide to Constraint Logic Programming
via ECLiPSe Third edition, 2014, 570 p. ISBN 978-83-62652-08-2

The book is freely downloadable from