Recognition CodeX 2021 Prize

The Stanford Center for Legal Informatics today announced the recipients of the 2021 CodeX Prize.  The prize this year was awarded to Robert Kowalski (AAAI Fellow), Fariba Sadri, and Marek Sergot of Imperial College in recognition of their groundbreaking work on the application of Logic Programming to the formalization and analysis of the British Nationality Act.  This work is one of the first and best known projects in Computational Law and has had significant and lasting influence on the field.  The recipients were announced in a brief ceremony at the 2021 FutureLaw Conference.

The CodeX Prize is an award given to an individual or individuals for a noteworthy contribution to Computational Law – an idea, article, book, computer application, computer tool, organization, etc. that has had significant and enduring positive impact on the field.  The prize is new this year but will be awarded on an annual basis from here on out.

FutureLaw is an annual conference that brings together researchers, engineers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, investors, and policy makers from around the world to share ideas about the cutting edge of Legal Technology.

CodeX: The Stanford Center for Legal Informatics is a multidisciplinary laboratory operated by Stanford University in association with affiliated organizations from industry, government, and academia.  The purpose of the Center is to explore ways in which information technology can be used to enhance the quality and efficiency of our legal system.  The Center’s work includes theoretical research, technology development, and community-building activities aimed at promoting the utilization of legal technology.  For more details, see