Editorial, Vol. 30, No. 3, October 2017

Dear LPers,

Welcome to the Fall issue of your favorite newsletter.

As we anticipated during the ALP meeting at ICLP in Melborne, we have some great news: the newsletter is launching a new effort aimed at promoting students’ contributions to the field of Logic Programming. We would like to start this effort by collecting and promoting PhD theses focused on topics related to Logic Programming. This effort will be led by a new Area Editor,  Gian Luca Pozzato (University of Turin, Italy). The idea is to publish a page for each thesis containing essential data (author, year, institution, abstract, link to the pdf). Please, see this example.

This effort will not be possible without your help. Please send him (or us) these pieces of information for either your own thesis, or the theses of your students, advisors, friends, family members, etc. With your help we can complete the work in few months!

In this issue we have a report written by the ICLP PC chairs. They did an outstanding job during ICLP 2017, we had an exciting (joint) conference in Melbourne. Another contribution is from our friends from Madrid (P. Lopez-Garcia, M.V. Hermenegildo, M. Klemen, and U. Liqat) Energy Consumption Analysis and Verification using CiaoPP, that demonstrates the effectiveness of LP in the field of energy delivery and management.

The first steps of ICLP 2018 have been taken. ICLP 2018 will be colocated with FLOC. Organizers are doing their best to set deadlines in order to avoid clashes with other meetings (such as IJCAI-ECAI). Please start planning your paper submissions and let’s make ICLP 2018 an event to remember.

As a final remark, remember that this newsletter is YOUR newsletter. Please use it to share your ideas. For instance all workshop organizers are welcome to write short reports about their meetings (as done in this issue by the ILCP chairs). In addition, you can start a discussion (we can leave a post open for discussion). For instance, we have witnessed a steady decline of submissions to our favorite conferences: what can we do to revert this trend?  Do you have a LP idea for the Internet of Things? Are you finding partners for a jont proposals? …

’till the next (and looking forward to receive your theses’ abstracts)

Agostino and Enrico