LP System announcement: InterProlog Studio

InterProlog Studio is a simple IDE for XSB Prolog, featuring:

  • Prolog editor with variable highlighting and semantic warnings
  • Single-click multi-module navigation over predicate call graph
  • Query window with tabular display, answers as a graph
  • Tabled Data view and simple term tree displayers
  • Suport for LPS, Kowalski and Sadri’s Logic Production Systems language, including fluent timeline visualisation
  • Support for QUALM, the logic language in Pereira and Saptawijaya’s recent “Programming Machine Ethics” book

Studio is written in Java (and Prolog) for Windows, Mac and Linux. Freely available at http://interprolog.com/

A screenshot of InterProlog

A screenshot of InterProlog Studio

Conmmunicated by Miguel Calejo, Director of InterProlog Consulting (a division of Renting Point, Lda.)
Madan Parque de Ciência, Rua dos Inventores, 2825-182 Caparica, Portugal