ICLP10: Accepted papers

Full papers of the 26th International Conference on Logic Programming have been published in a Special issue of TPLP. See here for the list.

Technical Communications and invited speaker notes of the 26th International Conference on Logic Programming have been published as Volume 7 of LIPICS.
This is the detailed list:

  1. Datalog for Enterprise Software: from Industrial Applications to Research (Invited Talk). Aref, Molham
  2. A Logical Paradigm for Systems Biology (Invited Talk).  Fages, François
  3. Runtime Addition of Integrity Constraints in an Abductive Proof Procedure.Alberti, Marco ; Gavanelli, Marco ; Lamma, Evelina
  4. Learning Domain-Specific Heuristics for Answer Set Solvers. Balduccini, Marcello
  5. HEX Programs with Action Atoms. Basol, Selen ; Erdem, Ozan ; Fink, Michael ; Ianni, Giovambattista
  6. Communicating Answer Set Programs. Bauters, Kim ; Janssen, Jeroen ; Schockaert, Steven ; Vermeir, Dirk ; De Cock, Martine
  7. Implementation Alternatives for Bottom-Up Evaluation
    Brass, Stefan
  8. Inductive Logic Programming as Abductive Search
    Corapi, Domenico ; Russo, Alessandra ; Lupu, Emil
  9. Efficient Solving of Time-dependent Answer Set Programs
    Fayruzov, Timur ; Janssen, Jeroen ; Vermeir, Dirk ; Cornelis, Chris ; De Cock, Martine
  10. Improving the Efficiency of Gibbs Sampling for Probabilistic Logical Models by Means of Program Specialization. Fierens, Daan
  11. Focused Proof Search for Linear Logic in the Calculus of Structures.
    Guenot, Nicolas
  12. Sampler Programs: The Stable Model Semantics of Abstract Constraint Programs Revisited
    Janhunen, Tomi
  13. A Framework for Verification and Debugging of Resource Usage Properties: Resource Usage Verification. Lopez-Garcia, Pedro ; Darmawan, Luthfi ; Bueno, Francisco
  14. Contractibility and Contractible Approximations of Soft Global ConstraintsMaher, Michael J.
  15. Dedicated Tabling for a Probabilistic Setting. Mantadelis, Theofrastos ; Janssens, Gerda
  16. Tight Semantics for Logic Programs. Pereira, Luis Moniz ; Pinto, Alexandre Miguel
  17. From Relational Specifications to Logic Programs. Near, Joseph P.
  18. Methods and Methodologies for Developing Answer-Set Programs – Project Description
    Oetsch, Johannes ; Pührer, Jörg ; Tompits, Hans
  19. Tabling and Answer Subsumption for Reasoning on Logic Programs with Annotated Disjunctions. Riguzzi, Fabrizio ; Swift, Terrance
  20. Subsumer: A Prolog theta-subsumption engine. Santos, Jose ; Muggleton, Stephen
  21. Using Generalized Annotated Programs to Solve Social Network Optimization Problems
    Shakarian, Paulo ; Subrahmanian, V.S. ; Sapino, Maria Luisa
  22. Abductive Inference in Probabilistic Logic Programs. Simari, Gerardo ; Subrahmanian, V.S.
  23. Circumscription and Projection as Primitives of Logic Programming. Wernhard, Christoph
  24. Timed Definite Clause Omega-Grammars. Saeedloei, Neda ; Gupta, Gopal
  25. Towards a Parallel Virtual Machine for Functional Logic Programming. Alqaddoumi, Abdulla
  26. Dynamic Magic Sets for Disjunctive Datalog Programs. Alviano, Mario
  27. Bisimilarity in Concurrent Constraint Programming
    Aristizabal P., Andres A.
  28. Program analysis for code duplication in logic programs. Dandois, Celine
  29. Program Analysis to Support Concurrent Programming in Declarative Languages. Demeyer, Romain
  30. Constraint Answer Set Programming Systems. Drescher, Christian
  31. Towards a General Argumentation System based on Answer-Set Programming. Gaggl, Sarah Alice
  32. Models for Trustworthy Service and Process Oriented Systems. Lopez, Hugo A.
  33. Design and Implementation of a Concurrent Logic Programming Language with Linear Logic Constraints.  Martinez, Thierry
  34. Higher-order Logic Learning and lambda-Progol. Pahlavi, Niels
  35. Local Branching in a Constraint Programming Framework. Parisini, Fabio
  36. Logic Programming Foundations of Cyber-Physical Systems. Saeedloei, Neda
  37. Realizing the Dependently Typed Lambda Calculus. Snow, Zachary
  38. Structured Interactive Musical Scores. Toro-Bermudez, Mauricio
  39. Cutting-Edge Timing Analysis Techniques. Zwirchmayr, Jakob