Programming Languages Group
Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
University of Ghent, Belgium

The new Programming Languages Group at the University of Ghent is looking for
doctoral research candidates in the area of Datalog.
The position concerns research related to language development, program
optimization, integration with constraint solvers, problem modeling,
refactoring, profiling, debugging, …  Close collaboration with our US-based
industrial partner is expected.

Applicants should have a masters degree in Computer Science or equivalent.
Experience in Datalog, logic programming (Prolog, ASP, …), databases or
constraint programming is an asset.

Appointment to the doctoral position will be for the period of one year
initially with possibility for extension to four years ending in a Ph.D.  The
salary is compatible with the departmental rates for doctoral research fellows.

Please direct inquiries and applications, preferably by e-mail, to:

Professor Tom Schrijvers
Vakgroep Toegepaste Wiskunde en Informatica
Universiteit Gent
Krijgslaan 281-S9,
B-9000 Gent, BELGIUM

E-mail: [email protected]

Notice of interest (including motivation and CV) should be received as soon as
possible. Review of applications begins as of August 15, 2010, and the
start date is determined in consultation with the selected candidate.