13 (02) 4

Consistent Query Answering via ASP from Different Perspectives: Theory and Practice

Marco Manna (Univ. Calabria)
Francesco Ricca (Univ. Calabria)
Giorgio Terracina (Univ. Calabria)


A data integration system provides transparent access to different data sources by suitably combining their data, and providing the user with a unified view of them, called global schema. However, source data are generally not under the control of the data integration process, thus integrated data may violate global integrity constraints even in presence of locally-consistent data sources. In this scenario, it may be anyway interesting to retrieve as much consistent information as possible. The process of answering user queries under global constraint violations is called consistent query answering (CQA). Several notions of CQA have been proposed, e.g., depending on whether integrated information is assumed to be sound, complete, exact or a variant of them. This paper provides a contribution in this setting: it uniforms solutions coming from different perspectives under a common ASP-based core, and provides query-driven optimizations designed for isolating and eliminating inefficiencies of the general approach for computing consistent answers. Moreover, the paper introduces some new theoretical results enriching existing knowledge on decidability and complexity of the considered problems. The effectiveness of the approach is evidenced by experimental results.

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