Planning as Theorem Proving with Heuristics

Planning as theorem proving in situation calculus was abandoned 50 years ago as an impossible project. But we have developed a Theorem Proving Lifted Heuristic (TPLH) planner that searches for a plan in a tree of situations using the A* search algorithm. It is controlled by a delete relaxation-based domain independent heuristic. We compare TPLH with Fast Downward (FD) and Best First Width Search (BFWS) planners over several standard benchmarks.
Since our implementation of the heuristic function is not optimized, TPLH is slower than FD and BFWS. But it computes shorter plans, and it explores fewer states. We discuss previous research on planning within KRR and identify related directions. Thus we show that deductive lifted heuristic planning in situation calculus is actually doable.

Link to paper.