The ALP Alain Colmerauer Prize

2022 was celebrated as the Year of Prolog to recognize the 50th anniversary of these events and highlight the continuing significance of Prolog and Logic Programming both for symbolic, explainable AI, and for computing more generally. The celebration culminated with the award of the inaugural edition of the ALP Alain Colmerauer Prolog Heritage Prize (in short: the Alain Colmerauer Prize) for recent practical accomplishments that highlight the benefits of Prolog-inspired computing for the future. The Alain Colmerauer Prize and the Year of Prolog were organized by the Association for Logic Programming (ALP) and the Prolog Heritage Association (PHA). Details of the 2022 Alain Colmerauer Prize can be found here. PLEASE visit the ALP Alain Colmerauer Prize page for more information.