A New, Embeddable In-Browser Ciao Playground


We are excited to announce a new, embeddable playground for Ciao Prolog that runs locally in your browser thanks to WebAssembly:


The Ciao Prolog Playground offers a very easy way to run and share Prolog code, directly from any modern browser. The main advantage over other ways of using Ciao is that the playground does not require any installation or interaction with a server since everything runs within the browser, making it ideal for quickly checking ideas, teaching, or demos. Many of the features of native Ciao are supported: Prolog flags, language extensions, CLP, cyclic terms, portray attributes, auto-documentation, assertions, types and modes, etc., and more are being added continuously.

Additionally, it offers an easy way to embed runnable code examples in tutorials, manuals, slides, exercises, etc., and in general any kind of document. These documents can be developed with many tools, such as Google Docs, Jupyter notebooks, Word, Powerpoint, LaTeX, Pages, Keynote, web site generators, etc., etc.

The Ciao Developer Team