Postdoc Opportunity

Postdoc applications are accepted for an RA position with Dr. Veronica Dahl (SFU) and Dr. Salvador Abreu (Universidade de Evora) for research and programming duties.

Theme: Declarative and Constraint Modelling for Generating Socially and Environmentally Responsible Action Plans

Application Deadline: March 31, 2022.

Application Procedure: please send your CV, a statement of how you meet the requirements, and your expectations re. all items listed below, to both [email protected] and [email protected]:

Starting date: preferably mid April 2022

Length of appointment: four months, extensible to a year or more

Nature of the appointment: punctual RA duties focusing on programming with Declarative languages (e.g. Prolog, CLP(FD) or CHR), with possibility of applying for a two-year postdoc fellowship externally funded by NSERC or MITACS. Applications from candidates unable to come to Canada in time for the project will be considered, as online work is admissible.  

Requirements: Candidates should be familiar with either Prolog, Constraint Programming systems or SAT/SMT solvers (e.g. Gecode, Minizinc, Z3), and be interested in logic/constraint programming and planning. 

Time Commitment: negotiable: either half or full time appointment.

Salary: commensurable with experience and with NSERC regulations.