Some More History: The 1983 LP Workshop

Our friend Luis Moniz Pereira has shared with us another great piece of logic programming history – the proceedings and posters of the Logic Programming workshop that took place in Albufeira, Portugal on June 26-July 1, 1983.

  1. M. Pereira, A. Nerode (Eds.), Logic Programming and Non–monotonic Reasoning(LPNMR’93), Procs. of the Second Intl. Workshop, The MIT Press, 1993.   Poster
  2. M. Pereira(Org.), 6th Int. Conf. on Logic Programming (ICLP’89), The MIT Press, 1989.  Poster
  3. M. Pereira, A. Porto, L. MonteiroM. Filgueiras(Eds.), Procs.Logic Programming Workshop’83, 630 pp., Praia da Falésia, Albufeira, Algarve, Portugal, June 26-July 1, 1983.  Published by Departamento de Informática, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal, 1983.     Poster