Postdoc and PhD Positions: TU Wien

The Institute of Logic and Computation at TU Wien is hiring a postdoc and a PhD student for a research collaboration with industry in the area of knowledge representation and reasoning. The goal of this collaboration is to advance the use of logic-based tools and methods for solving real-world problems with innovative technologies.

Topics of particular interest for the collaboration are scheduling, combining machine learning and symbolic reasoning, context-based reasoning, answer set programming, and explanation finding.

Candidates for the position should have a solid background in knowledge representation and reasoning, logic-based AI, planning and scheduling, answer set programming, or logic programming at large.

The salary depends on depends on experience but is expected to be 53,200 EUR postdoc / 36,000 EUR PhD at least per annum before taxes. Hiring is from now, for a period of up to four years.

The positions are affiliated with the Knowledge-Based Systems Group (KBS) and the Database and AI Group (DBAI) of the Institute, under the lead of Prof. Thomas Eiter and PD Dr. Nysret Musliu.

Interested candidates should contact:

Thomas Eiter <[email protected]>
Nysret Musliu <[email protected]>