Editorial, Volume 32, No. 2, August 2019

Are you back in office after vacation? Or are your still holding your feet into the sea or climbing mountains? In both cases, you can enjoy reading the contents of your favorite newsletter.  We have three feature articles:

  • Dynamic and Temporal Answer Set Programming on Linear Finite Traces, by Pedro Cabalar and Torsten Schaub
  • An Arboriculture Approach for Parallel SMT and Symbolic Model Checking, by M. Marescotti, A.E.J. Hyvärinen, N. Sharygina
  • Flattering Tax, by Paolo Baldan and Roberto Bruni

We would like to thank all of our outstanding members of the editorial board for providing such interesting contributions.

We would like to share with you the great result for the community: the ASPCOMP 2014 report co-authored by Francesco Calimeri, Martin Gebser, Marco Maratea, and Francesco Ricca is currently the most cited AIJ paper in the period  2016-2019:

Congratulations to the four authors and, in general, to all ASP competitions organizers.

The preparation for ICLP 2019 is in full swing – papers acceptance is in its final stages, agenda is being developed, transportation to one of the most stunning national monuments is being arranged (ops… did I give that away? that’s supposed to be a surprise…). Please book your travel now, come and enjoy ICLP in beautiful Las Cruces, New Mexico!

In the meantime, please enjoy your summer and send lots of LP-related news to your newsletter!

Agostino & Enrico