The Alpha Solver for Lazy-Grounding Answer-Set Programming

By A. Weinzierl, B. Bogaerts, J. Bomanson, T. Eiter, G. Friedrich, T. Janhunen, T. Kaminski, M. Langowski, L. Leutgeb, G. Schenner and R. Taupe

Abstract. The grounding bottleneck is a longstanding issue of Answer Set Programming (ASP), a well-known Logic Programming formalism widely used for declarative problem solving. Lazy grounding as realized by the recent Alpha system avoids this grounding bottleneck but faces new challenges that are genuine to lazy grounding. This article first gives an overview of lazy-grounding ASP solving by Alpha and provides information on how to obtain and use the system. It then presents research issues raised by lazy-grounding and overviews those which have been addressed already.

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