Editorial, Volume 31, No. 1, April 2018

Dear LPers,


although you haven’t read new Editorials since October 2017, we are still alive. The Newsletter is working by publishing Call for papers, call for positions, and other news of interest for the community. The new mailing list for the call for papers is working as well (after a temporary problem) and it allows to easily reach all the community with an email to communicate your LP initiative.


Unfortunately we are experiencing few intersest for using the newletter for publishing “Feature Articles”. Our area editors are not receiving proposals. We still believe that this is a fast way to spread new results to the community. When you have a paper accepted, why not preparing a two-pages extended abstract (possibly linking to pictures, video, demos – you can’t do that with paper publishing) for the newsletter? Everyone will be aware of your new work. You’ll have more people reading the complete paper and – why not – more people citing it!


A similar trend is happening in our favourite journal: TPLP. The number of sumbission is low. For instance, after the special issue on new trends of constraint logic programming (see here its preface) no submissions in the area have been registered. We know that several important works are published in TPLP via the ICLP special issue, but the journal needs submissions (and external citations).


Btw, let us focus on this issue. We have a contribution in the implementation area by the excellent group of Università della Calabria (Italy).  It’s a survey on the past and recent developments of the DLV system, and on its (many) applications. The work of ASP solvers developers is a gift for all the community and we are grateful to them.


We have also published the list of ICLP accepted papers. Congratulations to all. Please prepare your flight to Oxford to hear the presentations!


Agostino and Enrico