DLV: Evolution and Perspectives

Mario Alviano, Francesco Calimeri, Davide Fuscà, Nicola Leone, Simona Perri, Francesco Ricca, Jessica Zangari
DeMaCS, University of Calabria, Italy
Carmine Dodaro
DIBRIS, University of Genova, Italy
Pierfrancesco Veltri
DLVSystem Srl, Italy,

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DLV is a system for Answer Set Programming (ASP), a logic-based programming paradigm for solving problems in a fully declarative way. It has been one of the first solid  and reliable ASP systems, widely used in academy and fruitfully employed in many relevant industrial applications. In this paper we first provide an overview of DLV and its evolution, and then present DLV2 [1], a completely re-engineered version of the system that relies on the combination of the I-DLV grounder [2] and the WASP  solver [3]. The new system supports ASP-Core-2 input programs that can be enriched by annotations and directives for customizingheuristics of the system and extending solving capabilities; furthermore, an empirical analysis shows that DLV2 also outperforms the “old” DLV in terms of performance.

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