Conference Report: The 26th International Conference on Inductive Logic Programming (ILP’16)

James Cussens, University of York,
Alessandra Russo, Imperial College London


Extended Abstract

The 26th International Conference on Inductive Logic Programming (ILP 2016) was held in London, during September 4-6 2016, in the pleasant surroundings of the Warren House Conference Centre in Kingston-upon-Thames, just next door to Richmond Park. Since its first edition in 1991, the annual ILP conference has served as the premier international forum for learning from structured relational data. Originally focusing on the induction of logic programs, over the years it has expanded its research horizon significantly and welcomed contributions on all aspects of learning in logic, multi-relational data mining, statistical relational learning, graph and tree mining, learning in other (non-propositional) logic-based knowledge representation frameworks, exploring intersections with statistical learning and other probabilistic approaches. Theoretical advances in all these areas have also been accompanied by challenging applications of these techniques to important problems in fields like bioinformatics, medicine, and text mining.