Editorial September/October 2016

Dear LPers,

Welcome to the September/October issue of the ALP Newsletter.

As we post this issue, we hope many of you are enjoying the 2016 edition of ICLP in the Big Apple. New York City is welcoming our community with a nice warm weather and a rich and exciting scientific program. Among the many features of this edition of ICLP, we have a long overdue school on logic programming, several nice workshops (including an interesting workshop on Applications of Logic Programming – something that many of us are keen in sharing and discussing) and a broad range of technical presentations.

While we celebrate ICLP, our thoughts go to the memory of one of the founding fathers of Logic Programming – Alan Robinson; Alan passed away last August, leaving behind a legacy that none of us will ever forget. We have fond memories not only of his brilliant contributions to the foundations of logic programming, but also his gentle and encouraging attitude. I (Enrico) will always remember a train ride to Bonn (JICSLP 1996) talking unification and admiring the beautiful landscape.

This issue of the newsletter provides several informative articles. The “italian” team of De Angelis, Fioravanti, Pettorossi and Proietti provide an interesting review of Horn clauses transformation to meet the needs of of program verification. Chen, Yang and Chen explore an interesting angle on planning with task-oriented knowledge for guiding autonomous robots. Finally, we provide a brief review of the InterProlog Studio system.

Our friends from Milan Camillo Fiorentini and Alberto Momigliano sent us a report of the Italian conference on computational logic where a special session celebrating Mario Ornaghi (that is going to retire due to age limit – strict in Italy) was organized. I (Agostino) will always remember a train ride from Edinburgh to St Andrews with him (ELP 1993).

As usual, please do not hesitate to send us announcements, articles, and suggestions on how to make the newsletter an even better and more useful resource for our LP community.

Until the next one…

Agostino & Enrico