Editorial June/July 2015

Dear LPers,

summer is here with his hot welcome. A number of interesting LP-related events are coming closer – we will have a very exciting ICLP in Cork, Ireland (co-located with CP) and LPNMR in Lexington, USA. We hope to see many of you attending either (or both) of these events.

In this issue we have two interesting contributions. Paolo Baldan and Roberto Bruni provides us with a new entry in their collection of games and puzzles – focused on geometries of football (or soccer – for the US-centric audience). Harrison, Lifschitz and Truszczynski provide us a great article dealing with infinitary formulas in ASP – a simple article that provides plenty of food for thoughts.

One of the core components of this issue of the newsletter (and the reason why it is a bit late) is a new forum that we would like to open concerning ICLP and its proceedings. Over the years, the model of publication adopted by ICLP has changed, and there have been several discussions about the value of the changes and the directions that ICLP proceedings should take. ICLP 2015 will feature a panel to discuss this specific issue, and the ALP Newsletter has been tasked to collect preliminary perspectives and opinions in preparation for the panel.  We introduce the problem with two reports (by Thomas Eiter, Manuel Hermenegildo, and Francesca Toni) and we leave the room for a discussion (actually, we started the discussion). We strongly solicit your opinions – we will add them to the post (anonymously if you so prefer) and they will be summarized for the discussion in the panel in Cork. Please contribute!

Agostino & Enrico