CFP: Ontologies and Logic Programming for Query Answering

Ontologies and Logic Programming for Query Answering
This international workshop is affiliated with the 24th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI-2015, and will take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, July 25-27, 2015.

Workshop description
The aim of this workshop is to bridge knowledge representation and reasoning in artificial intelligence and web of knowledge communities in order to encourage the emergence of new solutions for reasoning with lightweight ontologies.

  • Query answering while taking ontologies into account.
  • Non monotonic reasoning for inconsistency handling and exception handling and expressing default negations in ontologies.

Concerning the first point, a challenging issue is how to adapt or extend Answer Set Programming to represent ontological knowledge. In particular, can (a fragment of) ASP cover lightweight ontological languages while keeping decidability and efficiency?
Concerning the second point, a challenging issue is how to extend lightweight ontological languages with non-monotonic features, while keeping a good computational complexity. In particular,

  • how to embed exceptions-based and inconsistency tolerant-based reasoning in a tractable ontological language?
  • how to integrate uncertainty information in lightweight ontological languages?
  • how to define merging operations where both inputs and outputs are in lightweight ontological languages?

Contact: Odile Papini, [email protected]