Editorial, March 2014

Dear LPers,

Welcome back – your ALP newsletter is glad to give you a belated “Happy 2014” with its first issue of the year.

The ALP newsletter is regularly rotating the membership to its editorial board; after 4 years of dedicated and high quality service, several of our editors are rotating off, and new forces are joining our team.

First of all, we would like to express our most heartfelt “THANK YOU” to the previous editorial board, and in particular to those that are stepping off after so many years of service. We would like to recognize the outstanding work done by  Manuel Carro, Luc De Raedt, Stefan Woltran, Marco Gavanelli, Michael Kifer, and Axel Polleres.They have helped the ALP newsletter grow and provided continuous hep and support. We would not be where we are currently without them.

And (let the drums roll) here are the new team members (in alphabetical order):

  • Roberto Bruni who will join Paolo Baldan as the co-Editor of the Games and Puzzle track,
  • Michael Fink who will join Pedro Cabalar as the co-Editor of the Foundations track,
  • Thomas Krennwallner and Alessandra Mileo, who are our new area editors for Databases and Semantic Web,
  • Martin Gebser who will join Ricardo Rocha as the co-Editor of the Implementations and Systems track,
  • Francesco Ricca who will join Paolo Torroni as the co-Editor of the Applications of Logic Programming track,
  • Fabrizio Riguzzi, who will join Vitor Santos Costa as the co-Editor of the  Inductive Logic Programming track,
  • Paul Tarau who will serve as the Editor of the Out of Left Field column.

We would like to thank all these outstanding researchers for joining our team and we are looking forward to their contributions and support,

Finally, we would like to thank:

  • Tom Schrijvers and Roman Bartak that will continue to serve as co-Editors of the Constraint Logic Programming track,
  • Marcello Balduccini and Tran Cao Son who will continue to serve as co-Editors of the KR & Non-monotonic Reasoning track, and
  • John Gallagher and Michael Leuschel who will continue to serve as the co-Editors of the Analysis & Verification track.

While the area editors will have the primary responsibility to identify news items of interest to the community, please remember that each member of the community is welcome to/encouraged to/should-feel-compelled to submit any interesting news and materials to the newsletter. The newsletter is your window to the LP community – so, don’t be shy!!

We recall that we are keeping track of the TPLP published and accepted papers. It is in the interest of our research area that TPLP be cited (in particular outside TPLP). To this aim we strongly invite you to cite the TPLP version of the paper even of you have read it through arXiv (linked by our website or not). We have added the correct bibtex of the most recent published and accepted papers (we will slowly add bibtex for the previous one in this repository).

We open the 2014 with an interesting news article on Probabilistic Inductive LP by F. Riguzzi – a very nice reading. You will also find plenty of CFPs.

Happy Reading.

Agostino and Enrico