Job Opportunity: SILK

We are looking for contractors with skills in logic programming and logical knowledge representation, in order to assist with the use of SILK, a system for highly expressive declarative logic programs. SILK is part of Project Halo’s efforts toward enabling broad and deep understanding of science; it is funded by Paul G. Allen, cofounder of Microsoft. The skill we require most is strength is writing and debugging logic program rules. In addition, familiarity with natural language understanding and/or semantic technologies (notably, RDF and OWL) is desirable. Silk is currently implemented via Java, Flora-2 and XSB and makes use of an Eclipse-based IDE; so experience in any of these languages or systems is a plus. Contractors can work from distance and do not need to relocate.

More details: See for information on the SILK research effort. There, see esp. the recent presentations from the Warren Symposium (2012), RuleML-2011 Symposium, and background in the ISWC-2012 rules tutorial. In our current effort, we are authoring thousands of defeasible FOL-like axioms which transform/reduce into
conjunctive-body rules that employ strong negation (neg) as well as negation-as-failure (naf). SILK employs the well founded semantics for negation-as-failure.

If interested, please contact Paul Haley ([email protected]).