Editorial, December 2012

Dear LPers,

We are both celebrating the year++ operations with the “Udine” part of our families and organizing jointly this issue for you.

Let us start focusing on the two call for papers:

  • ICLP 2013 in the fascinating Istanbul, Turkey and
  • LPNMR 2013 in La Coruna, Spain – an incredible sea-town with German time but Irish longitude:  you’ll see the sunset on the ocean during dinner at 10pm!

Don’t miss them! And don’t miss the ASP competition associated to the LPNMR program. These are probably the two most popular conferences for logic programming – let’s help them being successful events, by sending great papers and supporting their initiatives.

This issue of the newsletter features some outstanding regular papers:

  • Marco Gavanelli, Maddalena Nonato, and Andrea Peano introduce us to  Hydroinformatics problems, and their solution using logic programming.
  • Vishwath Mohan and Kevin W. Hamlen from The University of Texas at Dallas present the paper Frankenstein: A Tale of Horror and Logic Programming. The funny title hides a very important contribution, that explain us the new trends of malware and the way logic programming can be used and useful for the war  against computer intrusion.
  • Two Madrid teams (E. Albert, D. Alonso, P. Arenas, J. Correas, A. Flores, S. Genaim, M. Gómez-Zamalloa (UCM) A. Masud, G. Puebla, J.M. Rojas, G. Román-Díez, and D. Zanardini (UPM)) introduce us to the COSTA system, and in particular how it can be used for Resource Analysis (a.k.a.  cost analysis, or automatic complexity analysis).
  • Axel Polleres wrote for us a brief report with a lot of useful links on the new SPARQL specification and why this is relevant for our community.

The DLV Team and DLVSystem ltd announce the last release of the DLV. Download and use it!

Finally, we have a report from RR2012 (Doctoral consortium and summer school) by Majed Ayyad, Elena Botoeva, Cristina Civili, and Ario Santoso.

We are also glad to be able to revive our Doctoral Dissertations column – it has been a long time since the previous submission (hint, hint…). In this issue, you may find a report on the dissertation titled “Every normal logic program has a 2-valued semantics: theory, extensions, applications, implementations” by Alexandre Miguel dos Santos Martins Pinto (Universidade Nova de Lisboa).
Please follow Alexandre Miguel’s example and send us reports of your thesis or of thesis you’re supervising!

Last but not least, from next year issues we’ll include a new column  edited by Gregory Duck. The new column will serve as an “Out of Left Field” view – by bringing to the attention of the LP community interesting publications, articles, reports, that have appeared in other fields and that might be of interest to LP. Gregory will select a research paper NOT in logic programming for us. We hope this will help us all exploring new avenues for LP to address interesting problems that are communities are tackling. We are sincerely grateful to Gregory for serving in this important new role. By the way – if you find something that is suitable for our Out of Left Field column, please don’t hesitate to send a pointer to Gregory!

We woulk like to spend few fords to thank all of you, LPers, for giving sense to our work by logging in this web page (google analytics keeps track of accesses!!!) and, of course, to all the area editors that are helping us in keeping this newsletter alive.

Have an happy new year and may 2013 bring you joy.

Agostino and Enrico

A new SPARQL specification and why it is relevant to the Logic Programming community