DLV: new release

The DLV Team and DLVSystem ltd are happy to announce the new DLV release!

Among others, this releases includes the following new features and improvements, as well as the usual amount of polish and bugfixes:

  • Remove restriction on the maximum number of variables per rule or constraint (used to be 60). Rules and constraint may now contain arbitrarily many variables.
  • Add support for lists: as in Prolog we support [term_1,…,term_n] and [Head|Tail] notations. Add new built-ins for handling lists
    (#append/3, #flatten/2, #length/2, #member/2, #reverse/2, #delnth/3, #getnth/3, #insLast/3, #insnth/4, #head/2, #tail/2, #last/2, #subList/2).
  • Add option -maxlist that specifies the maximal length of lists.
  • Add new built-ins #rand/1 and #rand/3 for the generation of a pseudo-random integer, and new built-in #int/3.
  • Magic sets are also applied on ground and propositional queries now.
  • Add option -print-magic for printing the magic-set-rewritten program.
  • Rename option -maxfuncnesting to -maxnesting.
  • Correctly handle situations when having both aggregates and function symbols.
  • Bug fixes with magic sets (concerning built-ins, function symbols and corner-cases such as empty IDB).
  • A few minor bug fixes.

DLV can be downloaded from http://www.dlvsystem.com