Job Opportunity: Consulting Positions in LP

Looking for 1 or 2 software engineers for a long-term consulting engagement in the Washington, DC, area.

The application provides a reasoning component to a parallel high-transaction rate VLDB application environment. Other components are Java, C, .Net and script languages in a primarily Linux environment.

Technical requirements: Must understand logic programming, be comfortable with Linux and have experience with the  ‘back-end’ development including SQL. Pluses are: Java, Description Logics, Oracle, Drools. Supply-chain, import-export, or travel related application experience a plus.

The successful candidate will be self-motivated contributor who quickly can get up-to-speed in the domain, who enjoys a fast-paced environment with immediate feedback, who works well as part of a team of high-performing engineers, and who likes to expand his or her areas of competence.

Must be a US citizen.

For information, please contact Walter G. Wilson at WALTER.G.WILSON  AT CBP.DHS.GOV