Ten PhD Student Positions in Vienna

10 PhD student positions in Computational Logic at Vienna University of

The Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien) is offering 10 PhD student positions within the doctoral program

“Mathematical Logic in Computer Science”

which is launched in Fall 2010; five of the positions are reserved for female applicants.

The program is jointly organized by the faculties of Informatics, Mathematics, and Physics, with a strong emphasis on Logic in Computer Science; computational logic is one of the priority research areas of the Faculty of Informatics.

TU Wien has a strong international reputation in various fields targeted in the program, including

* Logic in Databases,
* Computer Aided Verification,
* Constraint Satisfaction and Satisfiability,
* Knowledge Representation and Reasoning,
* Finite Model Theory,
* Quantum Information and Recursion Theory,
* Proof Theory and Automated Deduction,
* Many Valued and Fuzzy Logic,
* Complexity Theory,
* Set Theory.

The program is interdisciplinary and fosters the application of Mathematical Logic to Computer Science; two envisaged key application areas are

* Model-Based Design and Verification,
* Advanced Information Systems.

The faculty of the program consists of M. Baaz, A. Ciabattoni, T. Eiter (coordinator), M. Goldstern, G. Gottlob (associated), A. Leitsch, R. Pichler, K. Svozil, S. Szeider, H. Veith and S. Woltran.

Candidates must have an MSc or equivalent degree in Computer Science, Mathematics or related fields, and an excellent record of study. They should have solid basic knowledge in logic,
discrete mathematics, and computer science; knowledge in  fields targeted in the program is desired.

Each PhD student position is funded for three years (regular employment contract with full social benefits). The yearly salary ranges from a minimum of 12,724 Euro to 25,915 Euro before taxes, depending on cofunding via associated projects.

Applications are solicited starting immediately, and will be considered starting from September 10, 2010, until all positions are filled, but no longer than March 15, 2011.

Further details about the program and the application procedure are available at http://www.dbai.tuwien.ac.at/drkolleg/.

For additional information, please send email to [email protected].