The School of Biology, Computation, and Information (BCI),  reaching this year its sixth edition, aims at bringing  together Teachers and Students in Biology, Mathematics,  and Computer Science. The main goal of the School is to  give an updated overview of interdisciplinary techniques  and problems cross-bordering the three fields.

This year’s edition will be dedicated to discuss the  different points of view on Bioinformatics typical of  the two main sub-communities of computationally oriented  scientists working in the field.  The central question that will be addressed is whether  the more algorithmic or more systemic approach to Bioinformatics  is going to lead the way in the future.

The three distinguished speakers for this year’s edition  are Jasmin Fisher (Biology), Eugene Myers
(Computer Science), and Bud Mishra (Mathematics) and  the school will take place during the fourth week of  September (September 20-24, 2010).

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