Book Announcement: A 25 Year Perspective on Logic Programming

Agostino Dovier, Univ. di Udine (Italy)
Enrico Pontelli, NMSU (USA)

This book celebrates the 25th anniversary of GULP—the Italian Association for Logic Programming. It presents a state-of-the-art survey of logic programming, making it a useful reference for both researchers and students. The volume contains 14 invited papers, written by leading researcher in the area, each giving a detailed analysis of a specific field of logic programming and providing both a historical perspective and a precise discussion of current research. The topics discussed are: theoretical foundations of logic programming, program transformations, non-monotonic reasoning, constraint logic programming, concurrent logic programming, program verification, applications of logic programming, answer set programming, databases and web, agents and multi-agent systems, functional logic programming, higher order programming, and automated theorem proving. The book closes with a chapter reviewing in detail the main applications of logic programming developed in Italy and/or by Italian researchers in the last 25 years, illustrating successful work done and potential directions for future developments.

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